A recent ‘change of heart’ that shows the tide is turning and people are slowly acknowledging the truth.

Hi. I just wanted to say thank you for the invite to members of the Jesus Fellowship to the meeting on June 2nd. I wanted to come but can’t, as my folks are over from Australia, but I did want to share with you about a recent ‘change of heart’ that I’ve had about you guys. I’ve not known much about you, only what my son has said, (which has been largely positive) but there has been a bit of a reaction, that I’ve known of, to your group, that’s been pretty negative. There’s probably loads of reasons for that…suspicion & fear, the claims being made about the JA…are they creditable or is it just part of a hate campaign etc?

It wasn’t until at a recent Trust Meeting when one of our members gave us a broader outline of the extent (no details) of the incidents of ‘abuses’, that things became clearer. Many of us began to see what we hadn’t been able to see before & to realise just how many people had suffered (& were still suffering). I think that that helped us to begin to even relate ourselves, to some of our own times of hurt & distress that we’ve been through.

I personally found that I could relate to what some of you have been saying you’ve been through because of my own experiences. I may have ridden the waves of those experiences myself but because of you guys I realise that those experiences weren’t dealt with properly. As I said, there were no details, but an overall picture of what we hadn’t been able to see before, began to appear…certainly to me anyway.

It’s not been easy for many of us ‘die-hards’ to accept that our beloved church has been so at fault & that we’ve been blind to it’s many failings & yes, abuses…but I do believe that that is changing. I also believe that we can become a lot more supportive of you guys & that that will happen.

I did want to hear  from you firsthand about what you’ve been through & I do hope that many of the Fellowship people will take advantage of seeing what needs to be seen & hearing what needs to be heard. I can’t make it, but would love the opportunity to meet you guys if such a meeting is organised again.

Please feel my love & support.

All the best

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