Counselling Scheme

There is a counselling scheme set up by the Jesus Fellowship in conjunction with the Survivors Group.At the moment you have had to have spent at least some of your childhood (under 18) in the JFC to qualify but know they are looking at widening this and we will let you all know when we hear this is the case. This scheme works by you choosing a counsellor (they have to have the right qualifications and be registered with an appropriate body) and the JFCT will pay/.contribute to the cost ( there is a cap per person). A couple of us who were brought up in the JFC, but are no longer members are working with them to try and make this process as easy and supportive as possible, and again will let you know when we have more information on this. In the meantime have a look on the linked group The counselling scheme

You can also email at

Please also feel free to let anyone you might think may benefit from this scheme know this information.