IICSA and the Truth Project

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IICSA (Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse)
Who we are:
The Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse was set up because of  serious concerns that some organisations had failed and were continuing to fail to protect children from sexual abuse.

Our remit is huge, but as a statutory inquiry we have unique authority to address issues that have persisted despite previous inquiries and attempts at reform.
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Truth project
What is the Truth Project?
The Truth Project is part of the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse. The Truth Project offers victims and survivors the opportunity to share their experience in writing, on the telephone or in person.

Getting a better picture of the past will help build a safer place for children now and in the future.

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An account of speaking to the Truth Project shared with us. A useful insight into the process which was clearly a positive and safe experience.

Jesus Fellowship Survivors Association Truth Project Q&A

Information regarding the Truth Project

Ongoing IICSA Work