Cult Recovery Workshop

Please see details below of a cult recovery workshop being facilitated by Hope Valley Counselling in November 2019.

You can use your JFCT Counselling Scheme money towards it, even if Gillie is not currently providing you with counselling.

You can either email Gillie direct on or you can contact Karen Wesley on if you want any further information or help accessing the JFCT Counselling Scheme funds.

2 thoughts on “Cult Recovery Workshop”

  1. Taking the vow of celibacy was expected of most people. But, our celibate leader married the domestic from our household. Also a celibate preacher got married. So that is an example of double values.

    An employed member of staff, used to perform exorcisms on people.

    I had a scarey moment when I first joined. the mini bus driver who volunteered to take me home, had a previous conviction for kidnap.

    There had been 2 deaths in our household, which were odd.


  2. I was shamed into taking the vow of celibacy. And now after having the menopause, am sad that I have not had children, and am also sad that I have not married.
    I also worry about the future of some of us older people, one of our sisters had been put away in a home, which came as a shock to us.


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