The survivors story so far

We are aware that not everyone may know the JF survivor’s story up to now. We are in the process of putting a timeline together of what we have been doing over the past 3 years, and will also include examples of what went on even before that. We hope that this will help people’s understanding of what we have been working on and why.

For now we want to reiterate that we are where we currently are, because in 2013 the JA leadership asked for disclosures of abuse. For a great number of us, the first time we knew about this was when we had police officers from Operation Lifeboat ring us out of the blue. (Survivors have spoken of the trauma of this. For some these phone calls happened at work and were told that allegations of abuse from 25+ years ago were being investigated. Our peers have described going into shock at being contacted about this, including one who had to leave the room to be physically sick). Many had been trying to move on, while living with the affects of trauma. These incidents of abuse (that were covered up at the time) have resurfaced, along with memories of the cultic and often abusive environment children were raised in. 

We did not ask for this. The fallout it has caused has been significant for many of us. However we are confronted by a past that can’t be ignored, and we are realising how many victims were denied justice, and how few perpetrators were called to account.  This is the reason that we are now so determined that the full truth will be known.

The JA have been advised by different people over the years that an independent inquiry would be the only proper way for the full truth to be known. I personally advised this in 2015. I had become aware of the independent inquiry the Methodist Church had carried out, and sent the JA the information on this back then.

For anyone interested, see below the link to a page where a full copy of the report of Methodist Church inquiry can be seen.

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Church issues ‘full and unreserved apology’ to abuse survivors

28 May 2015. Church issues ‘full and unreserved apology’ to abuse survivors. Full report available here ; The Methodist Church in Britain has today published the report of an independent review of past safeguarding cases related to the Church from 1950 to 2014.



Karen Wesley

Vice Chair JFSA