Redress scheme update

Redress Scheme

We would like to clearly define the Redress Scheme the JFSA and those we represent expect the JFCT to implement..

Currently many ex members’ response to the communication coming from the JFCT in regards to redress has caused them to set up two group legal actions against the JFCT and other trusts and charities and their trustees. One is for harm done to under 21’s and the other is for breach of contract, unjust enrichment and misuse of trust assets.
Clear communication and action setting up a genuine wide reaching and significant redress scheme would be many peoples preferred route.

For clarity, the following is what is expected from a fit for purpose JFCT redress scheme.

◦ Set up and receiving applications by January 1st 2020.

◦ Making payments by February 1st 2020.

◦ Clear guidelines and a proposed matrix with figures by September 01 2019 that is communicated widely.

◦ A defined ring-fenced fund amount plus contingency to be clearly identified and widely communicated.

◦ Independently run by relevant professionals.

◦ Solicitors provided for every claimant.

◦ Details publicised nationally on the radio, TV and newspapers.

◦ Details publicised on an easy to search website, available for the duration of the scheme, and an agreed period beyond.

◦ Scheme to be open to applicants for two years with an agreed amount of money kept in reserve for late claimants.

◦ Agreement as to allocation of any remaining funds, once the scheme has closed.

◦ Clear complaints procedure with a recognised body acting as independent ombudsman.

◦ Financial recognition of intentional limiting of life and social skills and financial means for children leaving, as decreed at an organisational level. With recognition that although the church had significant means, parents were unable to support in any way.

◦ Matrix of financial redress drawn up by Simon Bass to mirror similar redress schemes within the UK and civil litigation.

◦ Areas to include;

Under 21 adverse childhood experiences/vicarious liability payment.

Under 21 retrospective payments.

Back payments of Relief of need.

Over 21 redress for harm done.

Back payment of NI, redress for reduced pensions due to non payment of NI.

Sexual, physical, psychological and financial abuse to be taken into consideration for all ages.