Registering for the Redress Scheme

The JF-Redress scheme office will begin receiving registrations of interest in making a redress claim from today, May 1st. Visit for more information.

The registration is with a completely new office that will be administering the scheme, when finalised, independently of the JFCT. Please register if you are interested in redress even if you have already made a complaint to the JFCT in the past and thought that you were registered.

On, there is a registration page, linked from a box just below the website title. You will be able to fill out your contact details. These will be entered in a spreadsheet where the Redress Senior Administrator will give a unique reference number (URN) to each person who registers. The following months will see the website growing with information, including the claim path and what steps will be taken along it. I encourage you to visit, to access the support pages if you need them, and to share the information with others you believe will be interested.

When the scheme details are finalised a claim pack will be made available to make your formal application for redress under the scheme.

After the registration period and once applications have been received, the scheme will undergo a ‘pilot phase’. This will involve a small number of claims being processed in order to make sure that all the administrative processes are working well. These first claims may take a little longer to process compared to when the scheme is fully up and running, but they will be fully processed and concluded.

Once the pilot phase is complete the JF-Redress scheme will be fully open for claims handling. Frustratingly for many, we cannot yet put a date on the beginning of the pilot phase or full opening of the scheme – the interruptions and challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic are affecting organisations across the globe, and ours is no exception. The JFCT trustees remain committed to providing redress and are fully supporting the JF-Redress office toward the delivery of the scheme in these difficult circumstances.

Please contact if you can’t use the website and I’ll make sure that you are sent a paper form for your contact details from the JF-Redress office.