Post-Cult Recovery Workshop

Here is some information about the post-cult recovery workshops that some of us who were brought up in the Jesus Army/ex member’s have been to. We have found  it to be extremely beneficial in our healing process.

They are run by Gillie & Tony Jenkinson of Hope Valley Counselling

Hope Valley Counselling

Specialising in Psychotherapy, Counselling, Post-Cult Counselling, Supervision and Training

The workshops are normally run over a weekend and have about 6-8 people on them. Dates will be organised once there are enough people interested. They are held in the Peak District so you would need to organise transport and accommodation. (Gillie can provide an accommodation list if required)

Before booking onto the workshop you would have an individual mutual assessment by Skype or telephone with Gillie (which will be included in the cost). This will mean you ‘meet’ her which will help her to decide what combination of people would be appropriate in each workshop. However, If there is a group of 6-8 people who would be happy to attend a workshop together, you could get in touch with Gillie to see if she could accommodate this.

Hope Valley Counselling has people contact them from different cults, so there may be an option to be in a workshop with those who were never part of the Jesus Army(JA) too.

Gillie has suggested that if you are considering this and would like to have a brief chat to ask any questions before deciding [free of charge], do contact Gillie through the Hope Valley website.

For those who are eligible for the counselling funding from the JA, this can be used to fund the workshop but not accommodation, transport or food.

If you’d like more information, including more feedback from people who have attended the workshop you can email us or contact Gillie via the Hope Valley website.