Jesus Fellowship Redress Scheme and Truth Project

Update 17/04/2019

Redress Scheme update:

Meeting 06.04.19

Attended: Ian Hill, Ann Hawker, Vikki Miles, Iona Alexander, Jenny Goodship, James Mercer, Colin Ridley, Sheila Jackson, Naomi Brown, Becky Ayers.

The meeting on Saturday 6th was positive and we made good progress. The group has some really good skill sets that meant (and hopefully will continue to mean) that we can reach a common understanding of what an appropriate Redress Scheme by the JFCT would look like and we are confident we can work together to create an effective Redress Model.

After introductions, we agreed ways of working together, confidentiality and ground rules.

We discussed a draft apology statement to be issued soon.

We have reviewed existing and on-going (Redress) elements, particularly access to counselling for current and past community members and their children;

We discussed the value of an independent Listening Service, and while this is not finalised we thought it would be a good way for people to tell their stories, ( options to include via face to face,email, skype ,phone ,etc..) and a way to signpost people to areas of redress, or where they can get help/ counselling/ legal advice if needed.

We are in the process of establishing a reference framework for other Redress elements and this will be the focus of our next meeting on 20th April 2019.

Please continue to contact Becky Ayers , Naomi Brown or Vikki Miles regarding redress areas you would like covered, this is fine as a list, and while context is helpful, don’t feel you have to tell your story in detail. Also any thoughts you have on the redress process is welcome.

Update 20/09/2018

Robin is stepping down from this process and we are currently looking for a new independent person to mediate the Redress scheme and Truth Project.

We will keep you updated.


Becky Ayers (Redress Scheme lead) and Erin Woodger (Chair), representing the Jesus Fellowship Survivors Association (JFSA) met with Robin Hamilton from Action planning on Tuesday 7th August 2018, to discuss a way forward for the survivors of the Jesus Fellowship regarding redress and the truth being known.

We would like as many people as possible to be part of this process, so please send in a comment or email us direct at if you have any thoughts, ideas or suggestions as to how this process should work.

We need to own this and decide together what we want our redress scheme and Truth project to look like.

We would like to go back to Robin with an initial structure and names of people attending the meetings, so if you would like to be involved let us know.
We will need initial feedback and names by the 10/09/2018 so that we can progress this.

The next step will be to put our full proposal together for the first meeting with the Jesus Fellowship Redress Team.

This is likely to be at the end of October.

Please read the details below and then send in your questions, suggestions and comments, thank you.

If you would like to be part of the decision making for this process please join the Association, this ensures all who are working on the detail adhere to the same principles and values.


Robin Hamilton has been asked by the JFCT Trustees to set up a Redress Scheme and Truth/Listening Project, and run them independently. This will involve mediating between the JFCT Trustees and the JFSA to design and implement a scheme that both parties are happy with.

If the JFSA are happy to proceed with him, Robin will look to have monthly meetings in a neutral location, chaired by him, to work out our various positions and negotiate the details. These meetings will involve 6 representatives of the JFSA Redress team and 6 members of the JFCT redress team. There will be the option of other ex members of the Jesus Fellowship being part of this discussion. The JFSA and the JFCT will each need to put a white paper together for their proposal for the Redress Scheme and Truth Project. This will be an opportunity for the JFSA to detail exactly what they want from a Redress Scheme and detail the Truth Project so that it is as close to an independent inquiry as possible.

This completely supersedes the original nominations process emailed by Ann Hawker that was challenged by us and others, accepted as ill thought out and apologised for by members of NLT and JFCT.

We would like an invitation to join the JFSA and be part of this Redress discussion to be emailed out to Ann Hawker’s email list so that as many people as would like to, can be party to this process.

Robin Hamilton 

Robin’s background is in the police force. He is used to dealing with people, and is ‘victim focused’ (his words). He worked for Thames Valley police (covering a very large area), and has gained lots of experience. He now works for Action Planning:

Robin Hamilton :: Action Planning

Robin is a highly experienced security and risk management consultant with 30+ years of managing risk within global trading organisations, leading consulting firms and the public sector in the UK.

Robin Hamilton’s bio can be found here:

Robin Hamilton – Aldbury International

Robin joined the UK Police in 1990 and undertook a wide variety of roles that encompassed patrol, investigation, riot control and covert operations.

Robin is a Church of England Christian but is not a regular churchgoer or particularly religious.

He has already been working with the JFCT as a crisis management consultant.

Robin has been helping them for the last 12 weeks to put processes in place to steer the church into a new future. He sees “getting the JFSA off their back” by offering proper redress, as part of that future.

Robin Hamilton’s role

Robin’s ‘risk management’ capacity is not to keep the Aviva Insurance happy in minimising capital risk. The JFCT found him through a recommendation via an online information portal for charities.

Robin’s current piece of work with the JFCT is complete, but the meeting with the JFSA was to see if we felt he could be the independent body that is required to open dialogue with the JFCT, agree fair redress areas for both sides and facilitate the redress process.

The redress costings will be agreed in conjunction with independent legal advice paid for by the JFCT.


Personal observations and comments.

Our perception during discussion was that his description of the JFCT seemed pretty astute. He recognised their inaction as them being scared of opening the door for fear of being overwhelmed with requests, complaints, allegations and having no system in place to deal with them. He has been working with them to advise how they put those systems in place. The redress is part of that system.

Listening Scheme/Truth Project

This will be an independent panel made up of, it is likely, ex-detectives who are used to dealing with victims, and following strict guidelines and protocol.

They will be available to anyone to go and tell their story.

There will be proper support available for survivors through this process, funded – but not controlled – by the JFCT.

These stories will then be collated into a report that will be published in full so they are available to be accessed by all.

There will be no connection between the Truth Project and the Redress Scheme; people who access the Redress Scheme do not have to tell their story to get redress.

Only if people want, there will be the option for reconciliation and apology.

Redress Scheme

The Redress Scheme will include all areas negotiated by the JFSA, and simple tariffs for payments will be worked out.

Payments will be overseen by the independent body, and the JFCT will have to make payments promptly.

It is expected that individuals will not have to prove abuse to receive redress, but there will need to be a process so that the system is not abused dishonestly.

The Redress Scheme is not intended to provide sole redress and resolution for abuse of a criminal nature and it is recommended that these are reported to the police / Operation Lifeboat 2 and dealt with alongside legal representation funded by the JFCT.


The scheme will be advertised so that as many survivors as possible can receive redress.