Group Civil Claim for ex community members.

2020 update.

These legal actions are currently paused pending the successful launch of the redress scheme.

We will keep you updated if anything changes.

Please contact us if you require further details.


Group Civil claim for those who were contributing members of the JFCT but were asked to leave and would currently miss out on a share of the Trusts funds during winding up.

This claim will be against the Trustees of the Jesus Fellowship Community Trust, the Jesus Fellowship Housing Association, the Jesus Fellowship Life Trust and the Jesus Centres Trust.

Members of the JFSA and others have been attempting to work with the Trustees of the JFCT over the past 2 years for just redress for the harm done to adults whilst in the Jesus Fellowship Community Trust. This process is ongoing, but following a significant change in the priorities of the Trustees, the likelihood of this group being included in any meaningful redress or apportionment is looking very unlikely.

The claim will show that all of the above Trusts are effectively the same pot of funds and should be included in any winding up, regardless of charity status.

The claim will be around breach of contract, unfair dismissal, unjust enrichment and miss management of funds by Trustees.

Anyone who was a contributing member of the JFCT at any point and feels they were unjustly treated, made to leave, or engineered out for not adhering to the “rules” is eligible to be part of this claim.

The claim will be for all ex contributing members to be treated with the same weighting in the apportionment and winding up of the Funds as current members.

This claim could also include existing members who feel the collecting of Funds within the various charities ie the Jesus Fellowship Housing Association and Jesus Centres Trust has discriminated against them and they were not given sufficient advice when voting.

We are currently liaising with the director of Pro Bono work at a large London firm of solicitors to take on our case. We are also liaising with a high profile barrister to champion our case, this would also be on a Pro Bono basis, levelling the playing field against their solicitors Berrymans Lace Mawer and insurers.

From our research we estimate that there are likely to be up to 1000 potential claimants for this case.

If you feel you would like to be part of this group action (There is no obligation to pursue your claim by being included) or you know of anybody who might like to be part of this claim please either contact Erin Woodger as the JFSA legal lead, or any of the JFSA leads independently. We do not need any details of any harm done, but will need to know roughly the years you were a contributing member. To develop the case we will need details around you leaving the Trust.

There can be no guarantees, but our team of solicitors will be able to advise you throughout the process.