Who we are

Roles and Responsibilities within the JFSA
Chair – Erin Woodger
Vice Chair – Karen Wesley

Secretary – Nina Tobin
Treasurer – John Bavester

There are four offices within the association that are voted in annually.

There are then nine workstreams that are headed up by different leads.

Communications/Social media and blog – Mellow Harmony Avstreih
Maintaining the blog via anonymous contributions and assisting with copy. Helping monitor and maintain Facebook group/s to allow balanced discussion, exposing truth while providing a safe space for dialogue.

Twitter/Independent Inquiry – Sally Hirst
Communicating the truth and liaising with other survivors through Twitter (@JAsurvivors). Lobbying for an independent inquiry to be carried out.

Treasurer – John Bavester
Handling the finances of the Association including raising funds for the work we are doing.

Counselling/police & safeguarding liaison – Karen Wesley
Working with the Jesus Fellowship on developing the existing counselling scheme and liaising with the police authorities and safeguarding boards to ensure the process is clear and uncomplicated for people to report crime and allegations of abuse.

Media – Philippa Muller
Working with media outlets such as the BBC to get the truth communicated and increase the pressure on the Jesus Fellowship to do the right thing.

Legal – Erin Woodger
Bring in a legal team including a top barrister to work on our behalf to ensure the redress scheme is fit for purpose and the payouts are at the correct level.

Redress Scheme. Association branding & design – Becky Ayers
Putting together a redress scheme matrix that takes as many different situations into account as possible and working with the Jesus Fellowship to ensure their redress scheme caters for all.
Branding and graphic design of Association ephemera.

Association Secretary – Nina Tobin
Monitoring progress, keeping records, organising events, collating and distribution of documents and minutes.