We have survived the Jesus Fellowship Church in all its forms, and this association is another part of our story, we have many names, many faces and many personalities but what unites us as one is a shared experience of the control and abuse suffered over years. This suffering came in many forms; sexual abuse, rape, grooming, beatings, cruelty, slave labour, mind control, child molestation, emotional abuse, bullying, destruction of personality, neglect, spiritual abuse, control, forced marriage, poverty and financial abuse; the list is endless.  We believe that the path to justice doesn’t have to be similarly endless or in vain.  For evil cannot prosper when good people refuse to remain silent.

Our aims are:

  • To bring together and foster mutual support and understanding for ex members of the Jesus Fellowship Church/Jesus Army within a safe cohort and safe environment.
  • To lobby for an independent inquiry.
  • To provide access – and advice on access – to professional support and resources with members.
  • To seek redress and cause restorative action from, and by, the Jesus Fellowship to those affected by their current or historical association with the Jesus Fellowship Church/Jesus Army.
  • To seek – or aid the seeking of – financial and legal recompense from the Jesus Fellowship Church as appropriate on a group or individual basis.
  • To provide group meetings and activities to further the aims of the Jesus Fellowship Survivors.
  • To raise funds by donation as necessary to support the above aims.