To our knowledge all the solicitors used so far to make claims against the JFCT have worked on a no win no fee principal and have therefore mainly concentrated on sexual and physical abuse as there is legal precedent for this in the civil courts. And though it’s a horrible drawn out process the Jesus Fellowship we believe have always settled out of court, but there are many people who for a Myriad of reasons do not want to or cannot go down this route.

The JFSA is in discussion with a top barrister to represent them, on behalf of the survivors on a pro bono basis for a group action, this would include all forms of abuse including sexual, physical, psychological, financial, spiritual etc. This is currently at the discussion stage and there is a possibility we may have to crowd source the finances to kick start this.
The likely result of this would be 3 years of legal wrangling and lots of money for the lawyers but ultimately there is a good chance we could win. This would open the flood gates for claims and it is unlikely the Jesus Fellowship would survive. We would estimate over 1500 claims being brought.

At the moment there have been some interesting developments and the Jesus Fellowship are looking to work with us through a consultant to avoid this legal fight, this would involve an independent redress scheme and truth project. We will post a full update in our JFSA group soon, if you would like to know more and be part of this discussion, join the JFSA facebook group.

Because of this our legal work is paused till we know the outcome of these discussions.